Why is coaching so successful

Why is coaching so successful?


Change and transformation

Coaching is successful because coaching works with the inner resources and potential of an individual (all internal factors), transformation and changes within an individual have immediate results in terms of external factors. Coaching unpacks the highest intentions of an individual and this brings about transformation and change in:

  • Motivation
  • Improved behaviour
  • Better decision making abilities
  • Improved focus on daily activities
  • Self awareness
  • Purpose of individual translated into business efforts


The coaching programme is customized for each individual/ company depending on their objectives. This, inter alia, include:-

  • Better business results
  • Getting people to think and work together company/ group wide and how to manage it
  • Instilling more confidence, motivation and professionalism in employees and ultimately the company
  • Getting employees to take ownership of their jobs and their lives
  • The development of action plans for further self development