When to introduce coaching

When do companies typically introduce coaching programmes?

A number of organisations, small to large in size, have begun to see the benefits and advantages of coaching programmes for their employees.

Benefits of coaching

Situations where coaching can add tremendous benefit include:

  1. Broadening the group of top performers in the company
  2. Getting key people who have been appointed in new roles up to speed as quickly and      efficiently as possible
  3. Assisting employees within companies to cope with any changes that take place within the company i.e. restructuring, retrenchments etc.
  4. Addressing low performance issues in either personal or business lives
  5. Correctional coaching as an alternative to disciplinary procedures and actions
  6. Improved implementation of new skills learnt during formal training sessions.

The exciting part is that companies do not see coaching as a reactive program anymore – more and more companies are introducing coaching programmes as incentives for their top performers!