MetaGen Coaching Approach

“A coach is a thinking partner”

The basis of coaching is to create awareness with the individual of his/her own potential and challenges.

This is done through one of various programmes:


a 360 degree evaluation process is facilitated with the respective team or department to derive at the “coaching agenda” for the individuals of that particular team or department


a process is facilitated with the individual and manager, focusing on the alignment of business objectives and outcomes expected from the company’s side


a process is facilitated with only the individual, focusing on his/her own inner resources, to find his/her own “agenda” and solutions in this regard – by way of challenging and thinking questions

The MetaGen Coaching Approach

The coaching process

The coaching process requires the individual to accept responsibility for his/her own outcomes. The coaching process will facilitate the implementation of SMART goals to move from the “now state” to the “desired state”.

In a business context this approach takes full cognisance of the company objectives (360 degree evaluation process) and is action and outcomes based, which incorporates feedback to management during the coaching process.

This approach results in sustainable change in behaviours.

One on one coaching facilitates people to discover solutions for themselves within a safe and confidential environment. Periodic re-enforcement of new behaviours and actions facilitates implementation.

Coaching sessions

During coaching sessions the individual will discover things about himself or his performance that he is presently unaware of or chooses to ignore referred to as blind spots. Coaching aims to bring these issues clearly into his view and having done so gets him to work with these issues to produce extraordinary results.